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I used to have VLS in .308. Great shooter! All I had done was trigger adjusted to about 2Lbs. The barrel doesn't come free floated, but is shot so great I didn't need to mess with it. The only ammo used was Fed .308 Match and cleaned with patches only after 10 shots. The rifle never had a bore brush put through it. At 300 yds, it would shoot 1.5" 5 shot groups.

I don't now how experienced a shooter you are, but I suggest you work on your shooting fundamentals before you do a whole lot with the rifle. That flinch has to go or you will never reach full potential (dry firing is an oft overlooked way of cheap practice) If you see the cross hairs jump when the firing pin snaps during dry fire, then you need to practice until that goes away!

Good luck!
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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