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Welcome Aboard!!

This is the place for asking all questions. These guys want to help and believe me, I have asked a lot of questions and I have never got anything but expert and caring answers.

I broke in a barrel on a 1894 because I was going to shoot cast bullets in it. I used an arduous breakin procedure, that included flitz. The breakin accomplished two things. I got very used to firing the little lever action and the barrel is mirror finish. I have never had it foul and loose accuracy. Cleaning is a snap with lead or jacketed.

I did a similar break in on my SBH 44 but the difference was I only cleaned at the end of a session. It was a complete cleaning and the tight patch on a brush using flitz in their somewhere. I shot no lead for probably 1000 rounds. Same result. Easy clean on lead and cast and mirror finish in the bore.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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