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Rem 870 wingmaster

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I have been considering a synthetic replacement stock for my 870. I have noticed on a lot of the syn. stocks the fore end looks like it is longer than my original. Will this still work on my wingmaster or do I need to go with the same size fore end?
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I used to own an early 870 wingmaster [early60????], and an 870 express. The fancy checkered wood on the fore-arm of the wingmaster was surely longer than that of the the express. Mechanically tho, they both had about the same travel of the slide.
It's been years since I owned them, but I do remember the fore-arm being longer.

Could be wrong about the length tho, as it's been ten years since at least.
The Remmies went when I discovered a model 12 Winnie!!!;)
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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