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Remembering a friend

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I just checked the birthday list at the bottom of the forum. Today, Bob Faucett (faucettb) would have been 63. I still miss his wit and wisdom. :(
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He was the first person to ever reply to one of my threads with advice. He even PM'd me a couple times to see how it worked out for me. Real genuine human being.
Noticed the same thing. Still miss him. I've wondered a few times if his granddaughters are still shooting and using his guns? I hope so.
Yessir - The good ones seem to go first, leaving us old reprobates to struggle on.

RIP, Bob, Old Friend.
I may be confused here, but it seems like I still see posts from someone carrying on the wisdom he passed down from earlier times?
All of his posts will be old. These pages are full of his replies and you will see them when someone add to a post that has been around for a while.
Yes Bob was a good soul. I miss his posts and wisdom. He helped many people on this site and was happy to do so. I'm sure we will all remember "rules are simple, be nice and join in".
Quite a few members and Mod's have placed some of Bob's sayings in their signatures.
He was alwys a gentelman answering with good solid advice backed up with experience and a kind word for everyone.

He is missed by all.
I still read much from him when "searching" for answers to my questions.

First day of winter. Longest night of the year here in the northern hemisphere.

I suspect that faucettb has a warm fire and two blankets. R.I.P.

I wish I had made the trip to meet Bob in person. I had several opportunities when traveling north from home, but didn't think he could be gone in the blink of an eye like it happened. Well, not really in the 'blink of an eye', but I didn't recognize the threat. Bob has left a lot of wisdom on our board. Soak it up when you can; there's a lot of it there.
I am newbie here so don't know much about him. But as you all are discussing about him I can understand he was a good soul. I had missed that opportunity to have words with him. I will read his recent post in his memory.
Like Shawn Crea I was "in the area" and never stopped in. I'm sure Bob would have welcomed me like a lost son. Then he would have got to know me and asked me to leave. :D

Happy Birthday Bob. I'll bet you don't have a shortage of primers or powder. Rest easy.

Bob was ready to answer any question and never called them stupid questions. He really was a good man. Some of the youngsters on the forum may think he was an "old guy", but not from my vantage point! As the song says : ONLY THE GOOD DIE YOUNG. Happy birthday Bob! And Merry Christmas to everyone!:)
well the good lord needed a good gun man im sure bobs happy,an knows what we just wonder about now ..slim
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