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Have used a 141 in .25Rem. for a few seasons, and the spiral tube evidently worksw as some of the factroy loads used spitzer hand loads some times used spitzers...and the sprial did keep the points from resting on the pimer of the round above.

Read in a couple of old books that therw were a couple of tool-room .250savage chambered 336's but never made it into written comment on the magazine tube style. May be a presure related decision, but believe the .336 could be made to work at the .250's factroy level.

It's a simple solution that could work fine in current lever rifles...can't believe the patent still applies after all this time (and evident dissuse by Remington).

In fact, if I ever find a saper spiral tube , may well have a go at making one work on a Marlin.
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