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Remington 1911 R1.. good? bad?

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I’m looking to get my first 1911. I really like the looks of the original design. I’m thinking of getting a Remington 1911 R1, anyone have any experience with these?
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I haven't seen one up close, so I can't verify or deny the claims of high precision machining, but if it is as claimed it should be a very good platform. The larger sights and lowered Goldcup style ejection port with rollover relief are not original to the 1911 design, but are desirable from a practical standpoint. The flat black oxide finish and stainless bushing are not original, either, but the black finish is commonly desired to get the low glare of military Parkerizing combined with the darkness of the original design's bluing.

The stainless bushing doesn't add or subtract anything serious to my mind. If you are worried about potential stainless galling, there are a number of things you can do to fairly permanently lubricate it, but it's not normally an issue at the bushing.

I also put beavertail grip safeties on my 1911's because I tend to choke up high on the grip frame and the standard grip safeties redden the web between my thumb and index finger, limiting how many rounds it is comfortable to shoot. I also install a lowered thumb safety, but that's from Gunsite training and if you don't use their gun handling techniques, you may never care. My point is that changes are typically easy to make to the 1911 because of the interchangeability of so many parts. If for some reason you weren't satisfied with it as it comes out of the box, you can change it.
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