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Remington 7600P 10 Shot Magazines - Australia.

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I am currently the owner of a standard Rem 7600P and was kind of disappointed with the tiny 4 shot magazine. I was wondering if there's any Australians on here that happen to know of any 10 shot magazines getting around. I ask this because I want to upgrade to the 10 shot but Customs have stopped importation of these 10 shot magazines because they also fit the 7400 (Semi-Auto) and the government don't like that idea... So because it is still legal to sell these but not to import them, is there anybody out there that has one for sale?
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MiGa Gun Parts - Home

Welcome to the forum, Buffal-Hunter. These two places both sell them but I don't know if they ship outside of the U.S, I have the links there so you can contact them. Hope you can get what you need.
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