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The Etronix guns are just Senderos with electric triggers. The barrel is a 26", with a muzzle diameter of 0.830", not a bull barrel at all, but enough about that.

I've never heard anything about the trigger pull like MZ5 mentioned. The one I fired was very easy to get along with, and shot cloverleafs with factory ammo. It was also a .243.

Those primers are VERY VERY expensive, like $169 per 1000 if I remember correctly, and that was before the price gouging on primers started. If you ever get tired of paying silly prices for ammo, you can switch it back to a regular rifle with a trigger and new bolt (havent tried it personally though).

As they said, try different ammo. What are you shooting from ? Bipod ? Sandbags ? Lead Sled ? What kind of scope ? Are the rings tight ?
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