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I have a Remington model 81 in .300 Savage and I really like the rifle except for one problem..........The first shot out of the gun is 4"-6" low from the other 4 in the magazine. The other 4 rounds will print just over an inch at 100 yds. I was hoping someone on here might have an idea or some information on how to cure this.

I have heard of and seen semi-auto pistol's do this but never a semi-auto rifle. This is a recoil operated rifle and the whole barrel moves back with the bolt a short distance kind of like an Auto-5. I can't figure out how the parts are settling so differently to cause the first shot low syndrome. If any one has some help for me I would appreciate it.


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Can only tell you how to possibly how to minimalize it...but the truth is that some guns do show this, pistol or rifle...but it's most common with movable barrel type guns.

The best way to minimalize it is to fill the amgazine, and when you rack the oeprating handle to the rear to shamber a round, run that handle back HARD...really rack the action, you want to BOUNCE off the rear stop and let the bolt slam home.

OF course, if an old gun wants to resent this treatment and fire a round when it is chambered like this, you can't really complain.

Not really possible to hand-cylce with the same violence that firing a round will create (esp. in the .300savage), but have found that it will reduce the amount of variation of the first shot.
Brings up an interresting problem...not just with semi-autos whose first rounds are differnt from the rest, but with other types of rifles as well. What do you sight in for...the first round, which will probably be the one you actually use on game...or the secondary shots?

Have a good old 50/70...but from a clean barrel, it will group 3" low...thakes 3 or 4 shots to distribute the lube/fouling and stablize the groups in one place. When hunting, I set the sights for that first shot.
Next time out...after the first round and the rifle cycles..try pulling the bolt back an inch and letting it slide forward, kind of like when you hand chamber a round, and see wher the group forms (or where).

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Never had that problem with any of my Model 8 or 81 Remingtons, but the problem you describe is common in the Garand rifle. The problem is caused by the excessive force need to strip the first round from a full clip. As the cartridge is chambered the neck will be bent slightly causing a shot to be out of the group.

The easiest test I know to determine if this is your problem is to note if the first shot is always out of the group the same direction. If it is, then that is the problem. If the directioin is random, then it could be any of several items, all relating to the barrel and its fit in the barrel jacket. The first thing to do before any shooting is to determine if the barrel jacket is tight to the frame. If the take-down screw is loose it can cause many problems.

To be sure the barrel take-down feature isn't a problem, don't rely on hand tightening the screw. I usually use a soft face hammer after the screw is hand-tight and tap the lever a couple of times gently. If only hand tightened, sometimes tha screw can come loose and allow the barrel jacket to wobble in relation to the frame.

Let us know what you find out.
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