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I bought a slightly used R-25 in 7mm-08 a few months ago to play with and use for some Antelope/Deer hunting. The trigger was terrible and I replaced it with the adjustable JP Enterprises Fire control group and am very happy with a 4# crisp trigger. Over the years of shooting Bolt action, Lever, and Semi-Auto rifles, I've found that I just shoot the AR type rifles better from offhand position, my 100M groups are usually half the size of the other rifles, go figure. As it has a 1:10 twist and 20" barrel, I thought I'd stay with 120-140gr bullets to get higher velocity and flatter trajectory. I used resized 308 brass, Winchester and RP, sorted for weight, primer pockets uniformed, trimmed and neck turned for uniformity. Federal match primers, and bullets used are 120=Nosler BT, 130= Speer BTSP, 140= Privi Partizan BTSP. I tried IMR 4064 and IMR 4350, Reloader 17 and Varget. Varget was the best all around for group size and velocity, with IMR4350 right behind it, although with the 4350 I had compressed loads. The RL17 didn't group as well, and the IMR 4064 showed hi pressure signs including blown primers as I approached max loads, it didn't group as well as the Varget and 4350 either. Velocities were generally: 2750 for the 140 gr, 2850 for the 130gr, and 2950 for the 120gr. All loads were at or near max from the Hodgdon and Alliant web site. After the rifle had 100 rounds plus (it had only been fired 8 times when I bought it) it grouped better. At 100 yards I have had best groups of about 1/2 to 3/4" with all three bullets and the best loads, generally it will hold around an inch group. (I'm using a Burris 3-9 Euro 30mmtube). I like the rifle, it performs flawlessly and is pleasant to shoot, I look forward to Antelope and Deer meeting the 130BTSP, I think I will stick with this bullet for this season as it seems to be very well suited for the hunting I plan to do and maybe a Coyote as well!
Regards, Trapper
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