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Remington UMC 1911 .45 Serial #/date

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I have my father's 1911 from WWII. It has a date code of AA, which would be March of 1932 or March of 1954 - obviously, the 1954 date is out, it would seem.

The serial # is 615XXX

I can't find any table showing dates/serial number ranges that covers this serial number for a Remington UMC.

I am wanting to know how many pistols were produced in the run (no idea what date range that would cover) and what the approximate value of the gun would be. It is pristine except for a mark on the left side of the action, just forward of the frame where the slide is first visible, below the line that would be the top of the frame. It looks to be where the slide is scratched from cycling (about 1/2" long). Other than that, it's 99% perfect and has 3 C-R mags with it.

Larry Wilson
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Please look at the "Sticky" above your post regarding firearm values. Thank you.
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