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Gentlemen and all Avanced Load Developers,

It was quite a weekend. This was my first trip to the Canyon and the furthest north I've been in my new home state. The beauty of Northern Arizona is amazing. The flat land sage is green and purple. 30 minutes from the entrance to the park, in the middle of nothing, we saw a herd of pronghorn about 200 yards off the side of the rode. You would have missed then if not for the white behinds giving them away. I jumped out of the van and tried to get some photos. We'll see how they turn out.

Right in the group of hotels and resturants outside the gates at the south rim, elk and mule deer roam around like they own the place. I had the chance to get some up close pictures of some of the well fed does. On the way home we spotted a small bachelor group of elk about 400 yards of the highway. The clearest picture I got was with the 16 power zoom on the video camera. The 40 mile an hour winds I was facing into didn't help the picture quality but I could pick out at least one 3 x 3. The rest were a bit fuzzy. My father-in-law has hunted plenty of Michigan whitetail and gets to Canada every once in awhile so the different variety of game was a thrill for him.

I'm planning a return trip in the fall. I'm interested to see if the same amount of game animals are present. Maybe if I'm lucky I'll get to hike the canyon some this time.

If any of the photos are worth it, I'll get them posted.
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