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There are a couple of things that you can try.

First, make one pass through your bullet seating die, as the first step in the resizing process. The bullet seating die is cut to somewhat larger dimensions than the sizing die.

Then make the final pass through the 'regular' resizing die, relubing as necessary. If this works then you are home free.

You can also size the case down in stages. For example, don't run it all the way into the die on the first pass. Do it in several passes.

Also start out with new brass, which will be softer.

.30 to .22 is quite a drop. I suspect you may need to find a set of forming dies. If your forming operation works, then make sure that the case necks aren't too thick for the chamber.

If the wrinkles in the neck aren't too severe, then they will iron out when you fire the cases for the first time. But it would be better if you can solve the forming problems.

Also you can anneal the remaining cases as this will help with the splits, if they are in the neck anyway. If the cases are splitting in the body then you probably can't anneal enough to fix the problem without ruining the hardness of the case head.

Failing all that, you might look for formed cases or old factory ammo. They would probably be cheaper than buying a set of forming dies. Try the Old Western Scrounger.
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