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Aside from the above spot on advice that's been provided, do the finished cartridges fit the chamber?

If so, then technically there's no real problem, as we don't shoot them from the gauge, and the gauge doesn't represent the actual dimensions of the chamber. I would bet that if I gauged my hand loads, most probably wouldn't pass. I realize this isn't actually of value in regard to diagnosing your issue, I posted it so you might recognize that we have the luxury to tailor hand loads to a closer tolerance fit in our chambers, verses a factory spec cartridge, which is what a gauge actually represents.

But I do admit that the bulge you're experiencing after seating the bullet does seem unusual, never seen that happen with a hand load, especially a bottle neck cartridge. But then again, I don't crimp bottle neck cartridges, exception being for tube fed magazines, but I'm assuming it's necessary for cast bullets.

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