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Revolver Rifles: Why Not?

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I'm a big revolver fan. I love big bore revolvers from Ruger. So, my question is this: why doesn't Ruger or another company make a rifle conversion kit for, say, a 454, 480, etc? It would be fun as heck to shoot!

I saw on Wiki that Ruger actually made versions of the Super Redhawk with 22 inch barrels. These were produced for the UK market with serial numbers in the 551-5xxxx and 551-7xxxx range. Model numbers were KSRH-21-357 (.357 Magnum) and KSRH-21 (.44 Magnum). Very little information about them is available. I wonder if that Super Redhawk had a rifle stock on it. Seem like it should have.

I think a 480 or 500 caliber would make a very nice rifle, such as the one Knight Armaments out of Florida once made in .44 (see below). I guess Knight's big ambition was to make a silent rifle, but I think it would be cool to have a rifle in a stronger handgun caliber just because it would be fun to shoot without any suppressors on it. A revolver rifle sounds like a real kick to me, and it would be much more convenient in the way it cycled bullets. I, for one, am not a fan of magazines. A revolver rifle seems like it would be effortless compared with bolt action or lever action. It would also be much more jam-free than semi automatic configurations.

I have seen some reasons why revolver rifles never really took off, but it seems like all of them are solvable problems. If people are firing 454 and 480 calibers in handguns, then they could certainly be fired in a rifle, especially if one took care to keep the hands away from the cylinder gap when firing.

Now, as for making a revolver cylinder for, say, a real rifle caliber, such as a 270 Win or a 7mm Rem Mag, that might push the envelope of realistic expectations a bit. The cylinder would need to be very thick; however, if the cylinder was a mere five holes, I think even a real rifle caliber could be made to work.

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I believe that Rossi and/or Urberti is making one. I like the idea as no magazine springs to compress - just load it up and wait - even for years - for trouble to happen.
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