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Rifle Carry

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I was considering a carry handle for my Bushmaster AR 15 after watching this video any thoughts?
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Then you don't need a carry handle at all.
And who uses a ar15 inside a house?
AR15 self defense ammo such as varmint bullets penetrate the same as a 9mm, .40, or .45 but lose effectiveness when they lose velocity going through walls. Short barrel AR15's are replacing 9mm SMG's in a lot of LE and military groups due to it not doing as much damage after losing its velocity. they will be significantly louder than a pistol though. I keep one handy myself.
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The reason the 5.56mm NATO round is so widely used is because the Congress never put forth the money to design and field a new weapon when the M-16 was found to be not what combat soldiers wanted or needed to kill the enemy. The M-16 entered the battlefield about 1964 or 1965. That is the very same period during which LBJ began spending umpteen billions on welfare. To LBJ, the votes of those on welfare in the States were more important than the lives of our young men in Vietnam. Now fifty-some years on, it's far too expensive to bring forth a new weapon that would have essentially zero parts interface with the M-16.

A better M-16 would have a bigger bullet, like a .243" or a .257" bullet; maybe even a .270" bullet. That would require a different lower receiver, a different bolt-carrier group and a different barrel. The government has multiple companies that manufacture these items. To retool would cost bazillions. We're $20 trillion in debt-- we don't have the money. I forgot: We'd have to come-up with a new case having a larger head so as to provide more powder space for the bigger bullet. More money...
Here is what you're talking about...

They made them from the demand of a foreign country wanting something similar to an AR15 in size and weight but slightly scaled up and built around a cartridge and magazine that delivers more downrange lethality. The 6.8x43mm SPC2. These rifles share only a few parts with an AR15. Such as the buffer tube, maybe the buffer/spring, the trigger components, and maybe a few other small things. If you ever get o put your hands on one, you will notice that it is not an AR15 or an AR10, but a rifle completely designed from the ground up to be something different. It also operates on an adjustable gas piston system that is very durable.

They make good medium game rifles here in the states and the only issue is finding the proprietary magazines for a good price. Magpul makes the only magazines currently available.
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Our military should go after these rifles. To offset the cost, current M-4 and M-16 rifles could be sold to the American People for a small premium above the price the government paid for the original rifle. There are 100 million Americans who own guns. If just two or three percent of those wanted an M-16, the new rifles would be paid for before they were even issued...
They wouldn't allow that though, even if they De-milled them and made them semi auto only again somehow. People just wouldn't stand for it. The liberals would have a fit. They would rather waste the money and scrap all of the metal than put another gun into a law abiding citizens hands. it would be nice and makes sense every which way but through the emotion of fear, it won't happen.
I think they have bigger with the SCAR 17 H and it's not all that heavy. I think the deal with the M4 is that it's light, dependable, and you can carry a lot of 5.56 rounds on you and still run. That makes it the best battle rifle and why you see the Navy Seals using them I think they even killed Osama with one.
Osama was supposedly killed with an H&K M416 which is actually a different type of proprietary system. It's based on the 5.56 cartridge but utilizes a short stroke piston system and a few other modifications. It shares almost no parts with an AR15, M4, or M16.

The SCAR17 is a nice rifle but has some minor things I personaly don't like about it and the thing with weight isn't really the rifle, it's the ammo. 7.62x51 weighs considerably more than a 5.56x45. But the 6.8x43 does not weigh much more than a 5.56x45. The 6.8x43 rifle also weighs only 1 or 2 more Ounces than a 5.56x45 rifle.

You can carry more 5.56x45 or 6.8x43 ammo than you could 7.62x51.

Here is the civilian legal version of the H&K 416 but it does actually share more parts with the M4/M16 platform than the real HK M416.
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The handle is cool I don't know why in this modern day the big manufacturer names can't put all the great features together in one gun. I think the Bushmaster ACR from what I read was an example of a gallant but failed attempt.
The ACR is a little too front heavy because the barrel nut wrench is attached to the barrel nut. If they would have made it removable to put in the stock it would have ballenced better. Commercially it flopped because they still haven't delivered on the caliber conversions or even the promise of more aftermarket parts and accessories.

If you want a super cool modular rifle that operates on a piston system. Try this out, I've got two of them and am going to add a 3rd. And you can order pretty much any spare part you need direct from them. They will even do somewhat custom work for us little guys if we ask and throw down the money. They are a rather large manufacturer with some big overseas customers.
Not to start a dispute but my house AR has a .300 Black Out barrel and 110 gr spire pt varmint bullets in the Magpul. Far superior to the 5.56 in my opinion for dealing with human critters in the house.
.300 BLK really offers no to little performance increase over 5.56. You get a heavier bullet with better sectional density so it will penetrate a little better to a small degree. But you lose a lot of case capacity, .300BLK has little to no case capacity because it is a 5.56 case chopped almost by 35% and now you stuff a bigger bullet in it. And downrange energy is less than many loads in 5.56/.223.

.300blk will overpenetrate far more than .223/5.56. The only real benefit if you want to call it one. It will vary if it is a benefit mainly if you shoot with a suppressor. Is that .300blk can be loaded subsonic with a sound suppressor and is very fun and quiet to shoot. It is essentially the same thing as shooting a suppressed pistol cartridge though.

I've pondered a .300BLK recently since I now own a couple sound suppressors I can run it through. The one I shot was very cool in the fact that the trigger reset was louder than the sound of the muzzle blast. Honestly I'd rather have a pistol caliber carbine though. :)

It does make good hog medicine inside about 200 yards! I already have 6.8 SPC for that though!
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A lot of the parts inside and out sure look like the M4.
The HK MR556 is not the same as the 416. It actually uses some AR15 parts where the HK416 does not. The HK416 uses quite a few more proprietary parts than the MR556. The MR556 is still very different from an AR15/M4.

And yes, Combat Diver is correct, however I do think that the piston system rifles are better if they are executed properly. Such as the FNH SCAR, CZ Bren, LWRC M6, HK 416, Galil ACE, etc... the Direct gas impingement system and the M4/M16 rifles are very very reliable and the difference between them and the piston guns in the real world are very small if you do it all right. The DI system is also far cheaper.

I'm still sticking with my LWRC piston system rifles but there is nothing broke on the standard gas system of the AR15. The lWRC shares some parts with the AR15 but is largely proprietary as well.

The LWRC "Individual Carbine" series was actually designed a few years back in a contest that was held to replace the M4/M16. And even though some contenders may have faired a little better than the M4/M16. It was not a huge difference and was definatley not worthh the significant increase in cost for the new rifle system designs.

If you want a Piston rifle, buy a piston rifle, but don't think that there is anything wrong with the DI rifle.
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