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Rifle scope for Shotgun?

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I recently picked up a H&R 12 ga ultra slug gun and wanted to know if I could use a Redfield Revolution 3x9x 40. What is the difference between rifle and shotgun scopes?
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Good Luck with the scope. Several years ago was at public range a few weeks before start of Texas deer season. Gent next to me had a scoped Mossberg 12 gauge rifled barrel pump shotgun. He was checking the zero on his scope and fired about 4 rounds at 100 yard target, blowing the center out of the target. Satisfied with scope, he put it back case. I spoke briefly with him. Guy hunted in a brushy area with typical shots at deer around 50yards, sometimes a 100 yard one. He commented, one shot and I knock a deer worry about it running into brush and me having to look for it.
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