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Rifle scope for Shotgun?

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I recently picked up a H&R 12 ga ultra slug gun and wanted to know if I could use a Redfield Revolution 3x9x 40. What is the difference between rifle and shotgun scopes?
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Several years ago, I had a along talk with Leupold people about putting a strong heavy reticule scope on a couple of my big bore African rifles. They suggested the Leupold "shotgun" scope. So I purchased 2 of these scopes and mounted them to a .458 Win mag and .416 Remington mag. both where model 70 Winchester Safari type rifles. So now it has been some 1,500 rounds down the tube of both rifles and several years and all is well with NO complaints, scopes held up great to the heavy recoiling.:);)
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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