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Rifle scope for Shotgun?

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I recently picked up a H&R 12 ga ultra slug gun and wanted to know if I could use a Redfield Revolution 3x9x 40. What is the difference between rifle and shotgun scopes?
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Well back to square 1, I ve decided to remove this scope and place it on my Howa 1500.I am going to go with designated shotgun scope since these are designed to take the shock.Again thanks to all for input.
The Tasco 2.5x Shotgun scope is a viable alternative for the budget-conscious (I can't believe I just wrote that)....

My brother and I have, over several years and several guns, tried to break one. We'd use it to check accuracy & work up loads for rifles & shotguns, then switch to open sights / "quality glass" once we were sure the rifle got to stay. Most rifles got to stay. Here's what that little Tasco has survived so far:

No.1 in .416Rigby, .416RemMag, .470Nitro
M77MkII .416Rigby, .375H&H
M77 .458
M70 .375H&H, THREE 300winmags
700 .416RemMag, TWO 8mmRemMags
1300 12ga
Currently on a lightweight 9.3x74R double; also survived a previous 9.3x74R

And I can't tell the difference between a 5.5lb slug gun and a 9lb rifle in a heavy caliber as far as recoil is concerned - I just never shoot them sitting down! Also I was taught to shoot w/both eyes open at all times. Still do. I can see the game as the weapon recoils that way. FWIW....
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