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Rifle setup

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Hey A friend of mine is looking for a new rifle and scope and is willing to pay up to around $2000 canadian max for a rifle and around 8-900 for a scope.
A 400-600 dollar scope would be better but he was intersted in the bushnell rangefinder scope if its any good.
For the rifles we were looking at the browning titanium A-bolt, Weatherby, Sako, and alower priced tikka stainless laminate. Used for deer hunting and ocassionaly elk moose.

What Scope do you reccomend, What higher priced rifle and lower priced($1000-1300) not low to me but whatever haha, and is the bushnell rangefinder scope any good.

A reply and help would be great thanks in advance.
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$2000 canadian would buy a heck of a rifle in the states. you guys must have some pretty high taxes or import duties up there. Kimber is worth a look if you're going to spend that much, Steyr is another. i've also been seeing some NIB Belgian Brownings lately.
think a rang finding scope is, to put it kindly, a gimmick. something to fiddle with while the quarry shows you its hind end!;)
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