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Rifle setup

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Hey A friend of mine is looking for a new rifle and scope and is willing to pay up to around $2000 canadian max for a rifle and around 8-900 for a scope.
A 400-600 dollar scope would be better but he was intersted in the bushnell rangefinder scope if its any good.
For the rifles we were looking at the browning titanium A-bolt, Weatherby, Sako, and alower priced tikka stainless laminate. Used for deer hunting and ocassionaly elk moose.

What Scope do you reccomend, What higher priced rifle and lower priced($1000-1300) not low to me but whatever haha, and is the bushnell rangefinder scope any good.

A reply and help would be great thanks in advance.
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You've just opened up a can of worms for every rifle owner to jump in to tout the wonders of his personal rifle and the amazing accuracy therein. All will be biased opinions and each of equal value.

If this is for Canadian hunting, do you need to consider heavy brush/timber and wet hunting conditions? If so, something in stainless and a composite or laminate stock.

There are several rangefinding scopes on the market. The question is whether the hunter has the time to fiddle with it when game is present.

The price ranges for the rifle and scope open up a vast portion of the market to choose from.
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