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hi guys i have a question a head of 303 caliber is 7.7mm can i use it in a 308 rifle ?

because the 308 is 7.82 i think i can use them. what do you think guys ?
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Smart move, always ask when there is any doubt. I know guys missing eyes, fingers and other body parts because they thought they could do something they shouldn't have tried.

As for the 308, it's not 7.82, it's 7.62, making the barrel diameter smaller than a 7.7 bullet. So, even even though you probably could have never gotten it to chamber, because a 303 is a totally difference designed cartridge and would not go in the camber, had by some unknown way you managed to do it, it would have blown the whole rifle to pieces right in you face.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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