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Hi, Fireplug:
Unfortunately, fat chance. The old .25 Stevens ran a 67 grain bullet at 1180 fps. The American companies dropped in in 1942, although C-I-L (Dominion) loaded it until the early `70's. A 65 gr. round-nose solid at 1130 fps is listed in the 1971 catalog. There may have been some off-shore batches made since then, like the .32 Rimfire was. A couple of the local dealers got some .32 in several years ago and it went pretty fast, even at a buck a pop.

The old-timers liked it for edible small game because it didn't waste meat like the .22 magnum. I don't think those .17 Hornadys will leave much of a squirrel or rabbit to eat. We can always wish.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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