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Rimfire competition

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Anybody do any handgun competition shooting? I have been shooting since I was about 13 but I've never had any training except in the Army(40 years ago). I recently joined a club and we have four ranges.

I think I want to start learning the Bullseye style shooting. I don't know the first thing about it other than the fact that you shoot three pistols...45, .22 and your choice. I have: a Browning Buckmark, a Ruger Mark III and three different 1911's. Are there any competition magazines being published? Any suggestions?
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Thanks guys. I appreciate the advice. My club holds matches and has an active event schedule. I just don't know any of people yet. We have Bullseye matches next Saturday and Sunday and I'm gonna' be there asking all kinds of stupid questions. Maybe someone will have pity on me and take me under their wing. NRA membership is required of all our members and I'm on my way to their website when I finish this. I'm definitely most interested in Bullseye. I'm not planning on entering anything next weekend. I think I should just observe at first, as I've never even seen one of the matches.

Thanks again.
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