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RN vs FP for accuracy

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Hey all,
Ive been searching this forum but cant find what I'm looking for.
I've always loaded some type of HP's in my .40 and .44 mag. for plinking/ practice. (Black Talons for home defence/ CCW.)
Anyway, I just recently became a member of Frontsight in Nevada and they require factory FMJ's when shooting at their ranges. I would like to duplicate a factory load with my reloads but before I do I was wondering if there is any noticable difference in the accuracy of FN vs RN slugs.

I've also had a terrible time finding bulk 155gr FMJ's of any kind at a reasonable price. I did finally find this:
But id be interested to know of any other similar suppliers.

I am also interested in .40 cal accuracy loads for other competitions where I can shoot ANY bullet I like. I've narrowed my powder down to 231, bullseye, and AA#5. The goal is to have an accurate round with minimal recoil to stay on target. I currently shoot a Glock 23 and Baretta 96F.

Thinking about getting a 1911 in .45 for these matches also.
Thanks for any help/ tips,
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The squareness and precision with the base of a bullet will have a far greater effect on accuracy than weather or not the bullet has a flat or round nose shape
From what Ive read the hollow base isnt meant to expand to fill the chamber but to make the bullet longer. Essentialy making a 155gr .40 bullet the same length as the 180gr.

Thanks for allyour input Marshal

Marshall has it correct about the hollow base
First of for a spin stabilized bullet the more weight in the rear of the nullet the better, this is an undisputable fact. Secound yes a hollow based bullet will obturate with less pressure than a flat based. The smart money says that the Berry bullet do indeed obturate.

The marketing BS is interesting, but none this is new, it has all been tried before
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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