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Rocy & Lyman 4th Edition Cast bullet Hamdbook

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I got my copy of the Lyman cast Bullet Handbook last night. I have been reading a few of the articles and enjoyed the Tom Acheson article on the Cast Bullet Association.

The exciting part of the LYMAN cast bullet manual is the inclusion of cast bullets from RCBS, Lee, Saco and swaged lead bullets from Hornady. The inclusion of products from direct competitors marks the emergence of a new Lyman Company in my estimation.
For some cartridges such as the 32 H&R Magnum, 327 Federal and the 32-20 Lyman has included bullets from their competitors when Lyman offers a better bullet - I am thinking of the exclusion of the 115-grain 311008 bullet from the load data for all except the 32-20.
Lyman has dropped some of their recently discontinued 32 caliber bullets from the data list in favor of competitor’s bullets. This seems odd to me as there are many of these bullet molds in the hands of casters and there was certainly room in the book for information which had already been developed.

The 44 Magnum data with the 300-grain Lyman 429650 right alongside the 310-Lee bullet for a direct comparison of pressure tested data certainly tells me we are looking at a new Lyman. Many of us on this board have a few tales of past Lyman customer service disasters. The 4th edition does not appear t have come from the same company.

My only complaint so far is the book is not drilled for insertion into a 3-ring binder. This feature has been a big plus for past cast bullet, handgun and basic reloading manuals from Lyman. I will get over this part or I will drill it for myself.

I am looking forward to your review of the new manual.
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Slim , sounds like there new and updated load data. I was setting up to place an order online and the book was out of stock by the time I placed my order. So keep us posted on updates to the book . Thanks
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