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Precision Reloading Roll Crimper

I've gotten excellent results with the PR roll crimper. I bought it a year ago for use on new Cheddite 16 gauge green plastic hulls, then also got nice results on the black Ched 16 paper.

Recently I began loading 12 gauge again. I've got a miscellaneous collection of 12 gauge hulls that anyone else might consider scrap. I cut them down and they all roll crimp well with the PR tool. Most recently I tried it on the red Winchester Universal hull, a promo sold at my local Walmart for under $5 a box when purchased in the 100 pack. Those Universals didn't crimp too well in my star rig, but when I cut them down they rolled beautifully. I'm also rolling old Winchester AA's that had worn tops. Cut them off below the splits and get a few extra loadings.

I have been doing a lot of patterning work for the past several years. One thing I noticed is that, other things being equal, the quality of my patterns is directly proportional to the quality of the crimp. Fluky crimps = fluky pattern. It's much easier for me to get consistently good crimps with the roll than it is with the star.

Also, the roll-crimped hulls feed very smoothly in my Model 12 - never a hangup like I sometimes get with a bony star crimped shell.

I suppose if a person were shooting a hundred or more rounds a week at clays, the roll crimps might be prohibitively slow. I enjoy tinkering at the loading bench and don't keep a stop watch going.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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