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Friends All....There are two classes of shotshell reloaders..First, is the shooter (clay bird or upland game) that reloaders for economey. The second is a group the loads specialized shotshells for special hunting needs. I subscribe to the second.
The requirements of this second group are far removed from the first. for the forst group...WW AA shells, WW wads, etc. are best. The shells have a skived mouth that is best for folded crimps.
The second group is leaning more and more to the Fiocchi hull, unscived and roll crimped, offered by Ballistic Products.
It was originaly thought that rolled crimps, with a over shot wad, caused blown (doughnut) patterns. When high speed photography came in it was found, not to be the OS wad, but rather the hard waxed filler wads blowing into the rear of the shot column as it exited the barrel. Also, the introduction of the folded crimp came about for the factory high speed loaders.
Test after test now prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that a firm rolled crimp causes the variation shot to shot to be the lowest! Other advantages are....more case capacity needed with slow burn powders and heavy shot payloads, plus a better seal for the buffer.
Will the Rag Mag writers tell you this? of course not, as they are married to whomever is advertising in their rag. The people at Ballistic Products will though!
So...If you belong to group two, I would advise considering getting a roll crimp head and using unscived shotshells...James C. Gates
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