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Am very new to handloading and recently got a Rossi '92 in 44 mag and am not sure how to select proper bullets. Twist is 1:30 and groove dia. is .431.

From what little I do understand, a Beartooth  WFN bullet would work best in this rifle, but how much larger than the groove spec?   .4315 or .432?

I intend to use this on my next boar hunt and would like to use the 300 gr. WFN, although there isn't much load data for this in my manuals.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.



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What you really need is a bullet that fills the throat, not just the grooves. If your groove diameter is .431" I would suggest a .432" bullet for initial load development.  For a load itself start with about 15.5 grains of Alliant 2400 and slowly work up to 17.0-18.0 grains MAX. That top charge would be cookin' so approach with caution.
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