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Hi all.
New here! I have a Rossi 44 mag I picked up at my local gun shop used. I was in picking up a handgun I had ordered and this little lever gun caught my eye. It has since become my favorite gun of all. I have pre 64 mod 70, 1911's blackhawk's etc etc and this little rossi is the most fun of all to shoot. I go out to the desert with a gang and two of my friends wife's who are not even shooters hit clay birds at 50 yds. The guys rarely miss at 80 plus yds. This thing aims itself!!.

I have been loading various rounds for it and have kept them anywhere from 800 to 1250 Fps. I'm lookin at trying some faster loads with H110. Do any of you have any experience with H110 for this little Rossi?
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