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My hunting pal has an old Interarms 20" Rossi. We have shot it head to head with my Marlin 1894c quite a bit. The Rossi shines with lead swc, but the Marlin does better with jacketed 158's.
The Rossi of old had indifferent finish and stocking...I understand they are better in that regard now.
All that said, the Rossi is a nice light and surprisingly potent little piece for plinking, protection and  small to SMALL-medium game (I did take one Maine whitetail buck of 165 lbs field-dressed with the Marlin and some old 180 Black Talons, but it was CLOSE, and THICK, and I had a little bit of tracking to do. The bullet did the job, though!)
I think everyone should be issued a lever .357 by the government!
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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