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I've got a pair of the Rossi 92's in .357.  One is a 16 1/2" carbine and the other a 20" model.  Both are outstanding shooters, and with a little shooting both actions are slick as can be.  They were (and are)very tight guns dimensionally and shoot like a million bucks.  My nod goes to the 20" model as I prefer the balance of the gun over the stubby little 16.5" model.  They both turn in accuracy better than the irons are capable of sighting with the right ammo.

For plinking, I use 3.2g AA #5 under a .358"-160g FNBB bullet for around 1200+ fps out of the carbines, a very nice shooting load that is exceptionally accurate and potent for what it is.  

For hunting and serious work, I load 16.0g H110 under the BTB .358"185g FNGC bullet for a velocity out of the 20" gun of just over 1800 fps!  Not bad for a little pipsqueak cartridge!  If they had had that load when the West was won, it wouldn't have taken so long!

You can't go wrong with the Rossi's when you can find one!  They are great guns, and I have nothing but praise for these .357's!

God Bless,

1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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