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After polishing, smoothing and installing an injector spring from Steve's Gunz in a much older Rossi M92 38/357 it became a very nice gun to shoot. So much so that I purchased a new M92 Stainless 38/357 at a recent show. Here is the issue, during the first shoot with the new rifle I found that it has a tendency to eject the spent round and the loading live round at the same time. This happened to 4 out of a box of 50 rounds shooting 38 special ammo loaded to a length of 1.5 inches long. This ammo works beautifully in the older rifle.

The clearance between the rounds and the side rails is very tight so the round is not sloppy coming up but I do notice that the carrier does take quite a bit of effort on the finger lever to get it to move and when it does move it pops up with quite a bit of force and speed. What I believe is happening is that the speed at which the carrier pops up is enough to throw the round forward enough that the rim pass through the side rail openings.

Has anyone see this before and does anyone have any suggestions to correct this issue before I spend the time and money to slick this one up also?


I removed the left cartridge guide and reduced the angle of the ramp that the carrier stop rides up then polished the ramp. This improved the action and eliminated the pop action of the carrier. 40 unfired rounds through and no live rounds ejected. I'll repost after live firing a box or two.
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