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Sometime ago someone posted a question about what to do about the barrelband front sight used on the Rossi lever guns.
I have a suggestion for him, but I can't find the thread. :(
So I'll start a new one.

Rossi used a hoky barrel band mounted front sight on the carbine length Puma's. Of course when the band would move so did the front sight and the windage adjustment.
I found this unacceptable. So today as I was making arrangements to send my rifle to M&M in Virginia I discussed it with Mike.
He told me that he has barrel bands without sights, and dovetail type front sights that use a shallow dovetail.
The front sights come in several highths, and flat top as well a bead version.
His idea was to install a new barrel band, and dovetail the barrel for a new sight. Simple. And fairly cheep. About 6 dollars for the sight and 25.00 for the dovetail. Easy solution to an annoying problem. :D

M&M Gunsmithing
E-mail - [email protected]
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