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Buckshot loads

No. 1 buckshot is nominally .30 cal. and can be used for light galery loads in the .32 S&W Long,. etc. For best results the buckshot should measure .310-.314", you may have better luck with cast round balls. You can use 00 buck. nominally .33" if you run them through a .311-.312 sizer die.

000 buck are approximately .35 caliber and can be used in the .38 Special and .357 Mag. but you will get better results if you cast your own fom a .360 mould.

The round balls have a short gearing surface and won't stand heavy loads. About 2 grs. of Bullseye is good in the .32 S&W Long, about 3 grs. in the.38 Special and about 4 grs. in most ruifle cartridges like th e.30-30 or .35 Remngton for small game loads.
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