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Ed has it right, but have had good results with LESS powder. Bag buck shot isn't all that round, but Hornady sells 5 pound bags (actaully, the bag comes packed in a box) and they are truely round.

My loads seat the ball flush with the top of the cass and lube smeared into the sapce between the ball and the case mough. I usually just add a single drop of liquid alox and tooth pick it around the edge...lubes and seals from moisture at the same time. Nearly any type of lube will works...even wheel bearing grease or Criso (after all, we are talking about low velcoity).
Back about 30 years agao, I would spend a good bit of time in a drom room, depriming with a filed nail, priming with a putty knife, charging cases with a .22LR case glued to a bent paper clip, and seating with a wooden block. Money was hard to come by (and what I had went for tuition, books). Worked fine, killed a bit of small game, and truck loads of beer cans.
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