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Hello Jack,

I can help you half way on this. I have what I think is the #3 ladle not sure anymore (about 2 1/2 to 3 " diameter) no number stamped on it. It is a bit big for casting as its heavy with a load of alloy in it so I use it for pouring ingots from my big batches into the little 2-3# ingot molds. Works very well and as you know can pour from the bottom of the ladle or the top from the opposite side. Like a mini bottom pour pot. For strictly casting, I would get the #1 for a double cavity or the #2 for say, a 4 cavity mold. Aids greatly in pouring clean metal.

The one I have is from Ferguson and is very well made. There was another company something "southern car mover" I think, and used to see their ad in older Handloader mags.

Here is a link to Bill's site if you don't have it. <a href="

I" target="_blank">

I</a> use a bottom pour pot so can't relate actual casting experience to you. I would just say don't get one that is too big for what you are doing, they would be too heavy after a while and fatigue will set in.

Hope some of this babble helps.


1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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