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Ruger .264 in the collection

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Now there is 4 in the family.

Top to bottom: .338 WM, .300 WM, 7mm RM, .264 WM

The .300 is currently between scopes, as it has been neglected lately.

.264 Win Mag with a 129gr Interbond

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Now you have enough paddles for TWO boats! :D

Seriously, that is a pretty nice lineup of cartridges you've got there. Flat-shooting, hard-hitting, no compromise rounds for everything from speed goats to critters with big teeth. If you let me know what brand of powder you prefer, I'll buy a few shares of stock in it, as it's bound to go up. You don't list a hot .22 center-fire or 22LR...I presume you have one each of those, as well?
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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