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Ruger .264 in the collection

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Now there is 4 in the family.

Top to bottom: .338 WM, .300 WM, 7mm RM, .264 WM

The .300 is currently between scopes, as it has been neglected lately.

.264 Win Mag with a 129gr Interbond

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I have four .22 LR's, and Im currently trying to talk my uncle out of a M77 MkII Target .22-250.

Favorite powders: RL19 .338, RL22 and IMR-4350 .300, RL22 for the 7mm Rem Mag. I'm going to try RL22 and Retumbo in the .264.
Havent shot the .264 yet, but the other 3 are sub-moa.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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