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Ruger #3 in 375 Winchester

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Does anyone know how many of these were made and what they're worth? I ran across one that a friend of a friend is trying to sell but don't want to get taken to the cleaners. I'm pretty much a 375 Win junky and won't pass up a good deal on this. I wonder how they shoot? Should be a good rifle for high performance loads.
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I found this one on GA fro $450

Just curious, what condition is it in and what is he asking for it? Your right to jump on it for the right price. I passed on one at the Midland Gun Show several years back priced at $499.00 that was 95% and I'm still kicking myself. That price was not too bad considering my area and what the local shops would want. Prices in your local may not be as high as mine.

Good luck,
Condition is almost perfect. Has a small scratch on the blue. Price is in the $400-425 range...haven't nailed it down yet. I feel like this is a collector not a shooter. I don't generally do collectors but if the price is right for the piece I might. Got to find a decent "blue book"...
I don't think you can go wrong at that price, collector or otherwise. In my area, where #1's and #3's arent' too popular, you'd be doing very well to get it for what you're talking about. You'll kick yourself for waiting to find one for $50 bucks less just because someone already dragged it over a rock for you, if you ever do. When you see something you can't buy new anymore, for a decent price, you'd best grab it. These guns are hard enough to find in any condition.

Blue Book means nothing with a gun like this.
The Ruger #3 was discontinued in 1986 and will be considered collectible, if not now, then soon.

Modern Gun Values 11th Edition lists the #3 as $375 in perfect condition, $290 in excellent and $230 in very good condition.

Thanks. This is the kind of information I was looking for. Although MGV #11 is a little dated the price being asked is probably in the ballpark. The hard part is that prices for these medium bores has gone out of sight in the last couple of years and appreciation may not be linear over that period.

Well this deal went down the tubes! Offered the asking price but he sold to someone else. You can sure learn about someone when you try to do business with them. Now on to other pursuits.

Thanks to all who responded.
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