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Ruger .480  New Bullet Needed!!!

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The New Ruger .480 is factory loaded with a 325g Hornady bullet loaded to 1300+ fps.   Most existing .475 caliber bullets are on the heavy side for this new cartridge, being 385-420 grains in weight.   Beartooth now offers a jacketed bullet alternative for the new Ruger .480.  We have come out with a .476"-355g LFNGC bullet specifically for this application.   It should be an excellent "Step-Up" loading from the factory bullet weight, and offer superior game performance in all aspects.

This new bullet also has the appropriate Nose-To-Crimp length for the Freedom Arms 83 in .475 Linebaugh for those wishing to use a lighter bullet in these guns.

To see the details on meplat diameter, nose-to-crimp length, overall bullet length and bullet ordering information, click on the link below.

This should fill a badly needed slot in our bullet lineup.   We tried to anticipate this need as soon as the .480 Ruger was announced, and put wheels in motion to have this available as soon as possible to fill this need.

Please let us know what you think of our new bullet!

God Bless,

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Hodgon has load info on their site for a 405gr cast bullet at over 1300fps.  I was wondering if you plan to offer such a bullet.  I'm looking for a heavier bullet at a lower velocity between 1200 to 1300 fps for BIG brown bear, close quarters protection.  I want to keep the velocity down to reduce the risk of the bullet fragmenting if it strikes bone.
I was hoping to be able to use your 420 gr gas checked. I've seen the .480 and there's about 1/8" left in the cylinder with a 325gr bullet. so overall length of the cartridge could be increased. What would your thoughts be on that? Thanks
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