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The 280gr. WFNGC will load to a normal OAL.  I'd try it first.  I might have one laying around (a bullet not a loaded cartridge).  Want one for a dummy?  If so post your address or send me a private message with the information.

Don't know what velocities you'll get but I get 1350fps from a 7.5" Super Blackhawk w/296.  In a carbine I'd think this would be a real thumper.

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Using 18.5grains of AA-9 under the 280gas-check our little 96/44 is driving tacks! My 13year old daughter shot out the three thumb-tacks holding the target to the board at 75yards at the local range!
Thank you so much for your help on are trials with the carbine loads!We can all be greatful that people like you are still around!Thank you again and will keep you posted on my daughters Black-Bear hunt this August!

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The load you 've been shooting is an excellent one, sounds like you're getting optimum accuracy out of it.

The .44-265g WFN and .44-300g WFN that we offer share the same nose to crimp lenth and nose profile, so they too will function flawlessly through your 96/44 Ruger.

I really don't know what you would accomplish using either of them instead of the 280g WFNGC that you are already shooting.   Within the range limitations of the .44 Mag cartridge, you might well already have the perfect combination of weight to velocity with what you are shooting.   It will certainly handle anything in the lower 48 that you care to take with it!

Have you chronographed that load out of your carbine?

God Bless,

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