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Ruger Bearcats and Smith M63s

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Lets talk about the Ruger New Model Bearcat and Smith M63 shall we. I haven't handle a Bearcat since I was a teenager in the early 80s (never did shoot it) but have owned several Ruger New Model Super Single Sixes and did own a M651 4". Now, I am not looking at purchasing this for myself. Its to be a gift to my 2yr old grandson when he's capable, gotta make him into a little handgunner like I did his father. Which you choose for your grandson's investment in shooting rights? (keep this to pistols as his dad's getting him the youth .22LR rifle)

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I'm not a fan of handing a semi-auto anything to any beginner from six to sixty six. If you're not in the habit of knowing where it's pointed, any distraction can be scary to the bystanders. Even a pretty fair share of accidents with autoloading weapons are people shooting themselves.

Bearcat sights are tough on an experienced shooter, but Single Six sights are actually quite good. Boredom factor is high for kids wanting to shoot at clay birds in a gravel pit though. The Smith J Frames are probably a better bet.
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