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Ruger Bearcats and Smith M63s

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Lets talk about the Ruger New Model Bearcat and Smith M63 shall we. I haven't handle a Bearcat since I was a teenager in the early 80s (never did shoot it) but have owned several Ruger New Model Super Single Sixes and did own a M651 4". Now, I am not looking at purchasing this for myself. Its to be a gift to my 2yr old grandson when he's capable, gotta make him into a little handgunner like I did his father. Which you choose for your grandson's investment in shooting rights? (keep this to pistols as his dad's getting him the youth .22LR rifle)

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Having owned a few of each and still posess a couple of each model I would go with the Smith & Wesson. It is easier to teach with and the double action Smith is easier to shoot. With the biggest advantage being the Smith has adjustable sights. The Bearcat I have now is nowhere near regulated to accurate shooting. To hit near my intended target you must hold the front sight as low and as far right as possible in the rear sight notch just to get close.
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