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Ruger Bearcats and Smith M63s

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Lets talk about the Ruger New Model Bearcat and Smith M63 shall we. I haven't handle a Bearcat since I was a teenager in the early 80s (never did shoot it) but have owned several Ruger New Model Super Single Sixes and did own a M651 4". Now, I am not looking at purchasing this for myself. Its to be a gift to my 2yr old grandson when he's capable, gotta make him into a little handgunner like I did his father. Which you choose for your grandson's investment in shooting rights? (keep this to pistols as his dad's getting him the youth .22LR rifle)

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I have a couple of Bearcats, one blued and one stainless, a 5” 63-4 and am looking forward to the availability of the 3” 64 next month, and a Single Six. My SS Bearcat is with Cylinder and Slide Shop at the moment for installation of S&W J frame sights. The cute little Bearcat has a very small grip and practically unusable sights. Might be a great gun for my grandkids, but they are all under 4 at the moment so I have a while to wait.

I think a better comparison may be the Single Six and 63. They both have grips that could be used by smaller people, but have descent sights. I will see how the Bearcat compares when it comes back with descent sights.
I love my little Bearcats, but the sights are so small, and my arms are long, that the sights are very difficult to use. I hope it is a different story with J frame sights on the Bearcat. If they work, I will probably do it to the other one as well.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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