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Ruger Bearcats and Smith M63s

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Lets talk about the Ruger New Model Bearcat and Smith M63 shall we. I haven't handle a Bearcat since I was a teenager in the early 80s (never did shoot it) but have owned several Ruger New Model Super Single Sixes and did own a M651 4". Now, I am not looking at purchasing this for myself. Its to be a gift to my 2yr old grandson when he's capable, gotta make him into a little handgunner like I did his father. Which you choose for your grandson's investment in shooting rights? (keep this to pistols as his dad's getting him the youth .22LR rifle)

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About 33 years ago, bought my soon to be wife a SuperBearcat (which was the original all steel version). She picked it up, liked the feel, and wanted to plink with her own gun when we went out to the gravel pit. taught her the old trick of load one...skip one...load -cock and lower on an empty chamber.

Lost that gun, but thankfully not the wife. Bought her the new stainless version. Still has the fixed sights (if you work at it, can get them shooting 'on'). Even with the transfer bar in the new version, she'll still follow the old drill (load one..skip one...load 4..etc.).

Normal sized man-hands have to work at it, but the guns can shoot. Fits her little hands quite well, and i won't go head-to-head with her using her own gun.

I've always liked S&W "kit guns" in all calibers. Had .22's and .22mags. pass through my hands over the years, but for a confirmed bullet caster, the old 4" J-frame (or even older I-frame) .32SWL's made wonderful small game guns.

An old .4" .32 got willed to me, and wonder of wonders, the sights are "on" for cast bullets in the 100gr. weight range. If I had to go out small game hunting with a small gun, it would still get the call.
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