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ruger bh & sbh trigger pull

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I would like to lighten the trigger pull and also smooth it on my bh & sbh. What do I look for and what do i do first. thanks
and any other advice you can give me. tray
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thanks I have already pulled one leg of the spring and it helped but I would like a little lighter

I found most of my problem The sear on the hammer was realy rough. So I honed smooth.
Now I don't know all the words that discribe the parts but the tolerances are different.
so I'm going to put it back to gether and see if I have a hare trigger. tray
assassin Thats a nice looking gun. Looks like it means business.
I put the gun back together and it is sure smooth. I need to go and try it out.
Is is there anything I should to know before I go and shoot it? THANKS TRAY
Thanks Guys. I haven't had a chance to shoot it yet. The hammer breaks clean with moderate presure and feels a lot better. it dosen't break as clean as I would like when I pull trigger it seems to have a little creap to it but it is so much better than be for. thats on my 45 colt. I went ahead and did 44 sbh & and Im going to do my 44 flattop and then take a look at 44srh. Thanks again tray
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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