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ruger bh & sbh trigger pull

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I would like to lighten the trigger pull and also smooth it on my bh & sbh. What do I look for and what do i do first. thanks
and any other advice you can give me. tray
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One Thang Comes To Mind


With the weapon unloaded ---->
Cock the hammer and try to pull/push the hammer closed/forward(do not pull the trigger). I use my thumb and exert quite a bit of pressure on it. Of course it should not "fire". If the hammer does fall you could have a problem(depending how you look at it).

I also use this method(kinda) to finish smooth up the triggers on revo's and other hammered weapons.
With the weapon unloaded----> Cock the hammer. Exert pressure on the hammer to close/"fire" it. Pull the trigger. This alone will usually take a trigger pull weight down a little. All you are doing is smoothing the parts by rubbing them together while they are held together under pressure. On most new revo's I do this while sitting in my easy chair watching TV. Done 300-500 times it will have some effect on the weight at which the trigger "breaks". I usually wrap my thumb with tape before starting this process to prevent a nasty blister.

Good Shootin' ----pruhdlr
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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