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Do the cylinder throats of Ruger 44 mags typically run undersized like the 45 colts?  IF the cylinder throats are undersized (regardless of caliber) and the revolver is new, will Ruger hone the throats to proper dimension without charge?

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No Alan, the Ruger .44 mags are just the opposite!

When Elmer Keith and Harold Crofts put together the SAAMI specs for the .44 Magnum, they specified a throat dimension of .432" diameter and a bullet diameter of .432"!  As late as 1980, Norma of Sweden was still making their .44 mag bullets .432" as well as Remington their half-jacketed lead SWC factory ammo utilized .432" up through 1979 at least.

In an effort to lower pressures and liability, the big ammo and bullet makers manufacured their .44 caliber bullets at .429" and .430".   Lower pressures it did, but it also raised hob with accuracy.  Consequently, Smith & Wesson was the first to reduce throat dimensions on the chambers in their revolvers to .430", which resored the accuracy of these fine guns.  

If you will remember in the mid 70's through the early 80's, Dan Wesson was the king of accuracy on the Silhouettas Metalicas circuit.  Their revolvers have throats that measure .428"-.429", and are superbly accurate with today's jacketed and commercially cast bulelts.

Now about Ruger!  They are the last of the revolver manufacurers to still hold fast to the original SAAMI specs for the .44 Magnum.   The majority of their revolver cylinder throats measure .4315"-.432", just as the originators of the cartridge called for!   Put a .4315"-.432" hard cast gas checked bullet in these guns and they shoot like they were designed to!  No problem having to open up undersized throats here!   Actually the Ruger throat dimensions make for almost perfect dimensional relationships with throat and barrel diameter for cast bullet shooting!

The .45LC guns that Ruger is producing today however are a horse of a different color that have throats measuring .450-.451" and must be opened up to .452"-.453" to shoot well with anything!   Generally Ruger will tell customers that the guns are "within specification" and not open up those throats!  

Hope this answers a question or two for you!

God Bless,


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Ruger cylinder throat dimensions

When I got my very first Blackhawk in 1977, it shot 5" groups at 50 yards with Remington ammo. ( 45 COLT). I began by polishing the extremely rough rifling until a cotton ball; when pushed through it, did'nt leave any fuzz behind in the bore. This shrunk the groups to 2 1/4". I eventually cleaned up the cylinder with a 29/64th drill and the groups shrank some more. Rugers are a great platform for builing super accurate silhouette guns without having to buy a Freedom Arms Revolver with match chambers!

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HI guy's I have a Dan Wesson 44 mag 8 inch about late 80's production with .428 throats and my black hawk 45 LC MID 90's production it has .454 throats. I also have the ACP cylinder it has .454 throats. The Dan Wesson is one strong revolver and very accurate.

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I have a DW744 that I used for silhouette with .429” bullets. It worked well, but when I got around to actually measuring things, they were tight and a little inconsistent. I opened the throats to .431” and that seems to work much better.

My Ruger SBH has .431” throats and shoots very well. My .45s from S&W and Ruger have had throats from .449” to .456”. The tight Rugers were opened to .452”-.453” and work well. My 625 is right at .452” and shoots very well. My old 25-2 is .456” and it shoots well in spite of that.
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