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Ruger Hawkeye in .257 Roberts, standard ultra light?

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If you were to purhase a new Ruger Hawkeye in .257 Roberts, would it be the standard or ultra light? I noticed that Ruger has taken the ultra light our of there lineup on their web page. Wonder why? They quit making them?
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i've never shot an ultralight ruger but i do have a model 7 in 7/08 and i agree that it is definately an adjustment compared to a full sized rifle!! i use an uncle buds bull bag so that really helps. i used my model 7 this fall and filled my tags but noticed that it is harder to shoot offhand when the pulse rate is up and winded, all the more reason to use a bi/tripod of some sort or a good walking stick!

Your comparing apples and pears . Not Ruger Vs Ruger .Some Remington Model 7's shoot good, some not, but it's an other matter

The ultra lites are fine if your going to make one or two shots . More than that they tend to heat up quick, and may also change their course of impact . When siting in allow ample time for the barrel to cool between shots.
If you like shooting at the range and firing a box or two over the day- you might enjoy the standard barrel a lot more .
harry, yeah i know but i was just throwing that out there for thought. to me the difference is merely the name on the rifle otherwise they are both lightweight 20" barreled rifles...
Think there is still a big differance between the barrels .A lot more meat there .:)

2 nd that
Now will that be wood or in the black ?:)
1 - 3 of 26 Posts
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